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Aquaculture Times is an international magazine contains mainly general features, articles and news covering a variety of aquaculture related topics.
Advisory Board
Honorary Advisor
Dr. S.Ayyappan Former Director-General Indian Council of Agricultural Research New Delhi India

Advisory Board
Dr.Jim Wyban Consultant H2A2 Prawns Ltd., USA
Dr. J. K. Jena
Deputy Director - General of Fisheries
Indian Council of Agricultural Research New Delhi, India
Dr. W.S.Lakra
Central Institute of Fisheries Education Mumbai, India
Dr. P. Jayasankar
Former Director, Central Institute of Freshwater
Aquaculture Bhubaneswar, India
Dr. Iddya Karunasagar
Senior Fishery Industry Officer
Food and Agricultural Organisation Rome, Italy
Dr. A. K .Singh
Director, Directorate of Coldwater Fisheries Research
Nainital, India
Dr. K.K.Vijayan
Director, Central Institute of Brackishwater
Aquaculture Chennai, India
Dr. A.S. Ninawe
Advisor, Department of Biotechnology
New Delhi, India