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Aquaculture Times is an international magazine contains mainly general features, articles and news covering a variety of aquaculture related topics.
Manuscript Submissions

The Aquaculture Time inviting original papers, articles, reviews, observations relating to aquaculture principles and practices, culture aspects, water quality management, disease diagnosis, control measures, new technology inventions relating to aquaculture. The manuscripts should be concise, typed in double space in a general format containing a title page with a short running title and the names and addresses of the authors for correspondence followed by brief Abstract (350 words), followed by tables, graphs on separate sheets, 3-5 key words, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, References, followed by the tables, figures and graphs on separate sheetsin Adobe Photoshop with good illumination. For quoting references in text one has to follow the numbering of references in parentheses and full references with appropriate numbers at the end of the text in the same order. References at the end has to be given in the following format:

Dubey, S.K., Trivedi, R.K., Rout, S.K., Chand, B.K. and Choudhury, A. (2014). Median Lethal Salinity (MLS96 h) of Two Small Indigenous Fish Species, Amblypharyngodon mola and Pethia ticto from Indian Sundarban. J Aquac Res Development 5:249.

Kaplan, E.H. (1996). "Can Raising Fish Become a Career?" Aquaculture Magazine 22.1:102.

Authors can submit their papers and articles either to editor or any of the editorial board members for onward transmission to the editorial office. Members of the editorial board are authorized to accept papers and can recommend for publication after the peer reviewing process. For submission of articles directly, the authors are advised to submit their articles only through email to editor@aquaculturetimes.com

Authors are solely responsible for the data, presentation and conclusions made in their articles/research papers. It is the responsibility of the advertisers for the statements made in the advertisements. No part of the magazine can be reproduced without the permission of the editorial office.